Our Projects


CarNET.ai is a SaaS solution which helps detect and identify vehicles from static images. To build CarNET.ai we used AI/CV frameworks developed by Google. The notable feature of the CarNET solution is a fine-grained classification of the vehicles which allows identifying not only make and model but also the year when the vehicle was produced. Such results are possible due to the robust process of building the dataset of the images used for underlying neural networks training.

CarNET.ai is suitable to a wide range of clients. The SaaS cloud-based solution could be used to subscribe to API with a monthly payment scheme. The subscription price is based on the actual amount of images a customer might need to process and therefore could be increased or decreased when needed.

We also distribute a standalone version of the CarNET.ai service. This version is distributed in a form of a docker image and could be deployed to the isolated environment, which doesn't have access to the Internet.

Car Hunters

Car Hunters is an AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game based on the same technology as CarNET.ai SaaS. Every day a player is tasked to look for cars in the real world. By finding the right car a user gets points, rewards and unlock achievements.

The game is built using fine-tuned and optimized versions of the detection and identification neural networks. This allows real-time video stream processing even on relatively old devices. For example, our technology allows object detection, tracking and identification within just a few milliseconds on the phones like iPhone 6.

Car Hunters game is available on both iOS and Android platforms and uses platform-specific technologies to run AI/CV-related processing using device GPU.


Your.Beer is an online platform which connects breweries, beer venues and beer lovers. The project was build as an alternative to Untappd to provide a much reacher functionality to the all users.

The central feature which distinguishes Your.Beer from outher similar platforms is the ability not only to browse local venues, but to order beer online (Subject to the regulations under local legislation). This helps venues to have a new revenue stream, and helps users to get access to their favourite baverage across different locations.

Breweries can use Your.Beer platform to maintaine their beers list, monitor availability of their produce in local veunes as well as receive a basic analytics about prices and stock availability.